Step-down Program Request Rejected by BOP

These are documents about denying Tom to be entered in a “step-down program” to prepare him for general population placement. Tom was “infraction-free” for 22 years. There is no reason of any violence that he should be denied at least a try-out in a SDP.

Sept. 16th 2011:

Intermediate Unit Referral Step Down Rejecction 9-16-2011

“Intermediate (J) Unit Referral” dated Sept. 16, 2011, rejecting Tom’s request to be entered in a Step-Down Program, without any reasonable examples, context or suggestions. Just a robotic response to a human being.


Tom’s response, Oct 27, 2011:

SDP Rejection response Tom 10-27-2011

Step-Down Program rejection response by Tom Silverstein, Oct 27, 2011

Tom’s request for “Administrative remedy”:

SDP Rejection Rq admin remedy 11-8-2011

Tom’s response on Nov 8, 2011, saying that he has not received any rule infraction for the alleged “activities,” and therefore he requests a transfer, because the staff refuses to prove to him what activity he was allegedly involved in, without having been given a ticket for it.

Tom was given the denial of his Administrative remedy request on Dec 7, 2011:

SDP rejection Response 12-7-2011

More of the same, even though Tom is in a highly segregated unit.