Update on Tom

Tom was sent to the “hole” inside the “hole” for reasons not really clear. He is out of this place after 1 1/2 month of extra punishment. The paperwork we received did not make clear that the issue was properly researched, investigated, but we move on now. Prison ‘politics’ by the prisoncrats, their games of divide and rule, and making sure someone keeps locked up inside solitary confinement are the main reasons these episodes happen and are repeated over and over again.

What can you do?

Send Tom a card, a letter to show that you care, and that you stand above the abuses of the games played with someone sentenced to perpetual solitary confinement. It will surely lift his spirits.

Send your cheerful card, with your return addres in the top left corner, to:

Tom Silverstein, Reg No 14634-116
U.S. Penitentiary Max.
P.O. Box 8500,
Florence Co 81226-8500

Thank you!