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Beware of Unethical “Friends” of Tom


We have just learned that, unfortunately, some people still try to profit from Tom’s position by selling his letters as collector’s items. The most recent was online by a website called Las Vegas Oddities.

Tom has consistently opposed this illicit market in his letters or artwork, and continues to urge people NOT to support such endeavors. If you want Tom’s autograph, write him a letter directly (see page on this site for his address). He will respond as soon as he can.

If, on the other hand, you were thinking of spending tens–or even hundreds–of dollars on such a letter from a third party, please consider sending some or all of that money instead to Tom. He will certainly reply with a letter of thanks. (See the page on this site for instructions on sending Tom money.)

Regardless, know that Tom does not approve of this illicit market and hopes you will not participate in it.


3 thoughts on “Beware of Unethical “Friends” of Tom

  1. If you get some revenue for the stamps to pay for his correspondence, or even ads for his site to get better placement in google searches I see nothing wrong with it. Hell it’s also time consuming to maintain this site correctly. But of course this should be Tom’s decision.

  2. I see you have added advertisement making a little money off Tom are we?

    • If I may answer for Tom as his webmaster: no, we aren’t getting any money from ads on our site. In fact, we would have to pay a premium to have such ads removed. And without going into great personal detail (retired, fixed income, etc.), I hope it will suffice to say that we are always conscious of nickels, dimes, and dollars. I’m afraid there’s no ulterior motive at play here…RFG

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